Welcome to the Gentleman’s Digest.  Here you will find a concise guide to a basic worldly education that every Gentleman should have.  A Gentleman seeks to be knowledgeable – not always an expert, though he may so choose to be – about a great deal of things; because he knows that common ground with his audience is always of needed service.  A Gentleman seeks balance in life, and he knows that all of his activities are better enjoyed with a dash of class.  Style and manners are his ally.  Travel, a must.  There are toasts for every occasion.

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A Gentleman’s values are timeless.  G.D. is a place where you will find a contemporary spectrum of applied principles to man’s most appreciated past times.  And be assured, we are certainly enjoying this journey with you.  A “lifestyle” is a style of life – not life itself.  So above all, come to GD to have fun.  If you are just beginning to acquaint yourself to the methods of a timeless Gentleman, then feel free to read or ask questions in the Smoking Lounge.  Or contact us here.