Andorra La Vella


  • Andorra la Vella, Andorra


  • Only a Gentleman can fully appreciate a country that has last for 800 years despite that it is only a mere 12 miles across.
  • Experience incredible 3-course local cuisine at family-owned restaurants with Catalonian wine that goes for $300+ in countries like the United States.
  • Mingle among Spain’s most fashionable individuals in the main shopping district.
  • Visit Caldea, the high-end spa and bath house nestled in the city among the mountain peaks.
  • Snowboard and ski in the Pyrenees a few minutes from your hotel.
  • Drive to one of the mountain-top lakes above the city.
  • Rent a Ducati to ride the mountain roads and explore the small towns around the country – yes, the whole country.
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