About Ansonia Wines


Ansonia Wines are passionate about the finer wine and grapes of the old world.  They serve enthusiasts and select areas of the United States with high quality, curated wine through a private distribution network.  Furthermore, every week they choose three of their wines to discuss in greater detail, including

  • Tasting notes
  • Winemaker bios
  • Recipe pairings
  • Notes on geography and drinking window.

They post these articles each Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

The Team

Mark and Tom Wilcox are father-and-son importers specializing in artisan French wines. They work with small, family winemakers that they know personally. They specialize in Burgundies, but also import wines from the Alsace, the Rhône, the Languedoc, the Loire, and Bordeaux.

Why We Like Them

As enthusiasts themselves, Mark and Tom’s goal is to bring wine drinkers closer to winemakers.  Through that relationship, they share insight and rich, digest-style publications to educate eager consumers like ourselves.  We like them for their hands-on pursuit of excellence, the integrity of their craft, and commitment to their customers.

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