You enjoy a Martini for nearly any occasion.  You’ll take a spicy Bloody Mary the next morning as the sun comes up.  Well friend, meet their sexy older sister: the Chai Martini.  If mixed correctly, these ingredients sing with a bold, complex flavor, along with fiery kick to really get you going.  It is certainly not a drink that feels like it has to compete with other glasses on the table.

Classic Manhattan:


Combine ingredients into a shaker of ice and stir until perfectly cold.  Pour into a cold martini glass and add your cherry.

Alternatively, you can most certainly pour all ingredients into a low-ball glass on the rocks and enjoy over a game of cards.


A “perfect” Manhattan, indecisive on whether the rosso vermouth will do on its own, might invite 1/2 a part dry vermouth to 1/2 part sweet.  Then be sure to use a lemon twist rather than the cherry.

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