A Gentleman knows that despite every day deserving to be treated like a holiday, it is always a good gesture (and good measure) to acknowledge those that society agrees upon.

Claridge + King

For although some women have chosen to set low expectations and not demand Valentine’s Day to be a necessity, it is a Gentleman’s duty to take every opportunity to put her up on that pedestal.

So this year, how about a new idea?  Check out this luxury clothing that is now making its way into women’s closets: the boyfriend shirt. Made by Claridge+King, the dress shirt made for women is a nod to the appeal of seeing your gorgeous dame up and about making coffee in the morning with the shirt she stole from you.  The benefit of C+K is that their shirt is already made to fit her.

Well then, here’s your chance to make the first move.  Sizing is simpler than most brands since they are made to fit loosely, and the monogram option is essential… meaning, put your monogram on it.  It’s like the sexy, sophisticated, less painful alternative to a tattoo.

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