Barbour Jackets

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barbour_pic1When you see one of these jackets walking around, you know its owner to be a quality Gentleman or Lady.  Barbour is the 100+ year old, proven timeless, natural defense against the weather.  It may not be the lightest of wears, say if you are backpacking in diverse climates during one excursion, but otherwise it is most trustworthy and true.  Barbour jackets are passed down from one generation to another (if the wearers are so selflessly inclined), and small reconditions and repairs continue to draw out the life of the garment.

The signature feature of a Barbour jacket is the waxed cotton shell.  The wax creates a rain-proof layer that can be rejuvenated over the years.  Additionally, sturdy pockets and double-stitch seams give your Barbour jacket the utility you need.  And finally, thermal linings keep the winter out when you need to worry about more important matters.

Whether you’re hunting in the field, fishing the creek, or taking a hike in the east african highlands on a brisk morning, this jacket is an excellent choice.

You won’t regret it.

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