Sandstorm Kenya

sandstorm_pic2Our Rating: 4.5 of 5

This luxury brand for luggage and accessories was birthed of Kenyan-British origin with a passion for rugged globetrotting sewn into every seam.  Any Gentleman fond of sand in his boots and the feel of belted leather in his hands will find a loyal companion in a Sandstorm tote.  From satchels to gun cases, or even seat covers for your 110 Defender, this Kenyan company is the ideal outfitter.

sandstorm_pic1Begun as a safari tent maker, Sandstorm still takes great care and pride in both its local expertise and materials.  With canvas from Tanzania and leathers from Kenya, each bag comes together with qualitative scrutiny.  Located just outside of Nairobi, production is still very close to its roots – ensuring that the inspiration of savanna and bush is abundant in each piece.

The best way to experience Sandstorm is to go see for yourself – most retailers are still local to Kenya, and you can even get a tour if you’re lucky.  But if you’re tied up at the moment and still want to ship in your new best friend, go ahead and order online as well…

Sandstorm Luggage


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