Collar Types

There are different collar types for two reasons, followed by two more: different choices of form and function, and different occasions and those who are attending them.

Collar Style Diagram

  • Pin Collar: eyelets allow for a pin to connect the collar and accentuate the tie knot.  This is a formal look and sure to draw attention
  • Round Collar: soft on the eyes, good for a lean Gentleman or one with a sharp temper.  As you would expect, it is good compensation for some and unfortunate exaggeration for others.  This, as well as a spread collar, are not ideal for a shorter or rounder fellow.
  • Buttondown: This is a casual [sport] type of collar that should only be worn in absence of a tie.  It was originally marketed as derived from polo riders needing to fight the nature of the wind while on horseback.
  • Tab Collar: The tab is quite useful for a fuller, wider tie knot that will be more slightly pushed outward and visible.
  • Point Collar: This is the standard middle ground of all dress shirts.  It holds more diverse knots for many body types, and should be readily available in one’s closet.
  • Hidden:  This collar’s buttons, and typically the shirt, are hidden from the viewer.  It is a dress form that is appropriate for more sophisticated occasions.
  • Spread: The spread collar, like the round, is good for balancing a taller or leaner Gentleman.  It is also quite an excellent match for a larger tie knot, like a full Windsor.  You will never want to tie a four-in-hand with this collar.

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