Olerai House



  • Lake Naivasha, Kenya




  • Semi Remote


  • $$$




  • Private air strip
  • Road



  • “Olerai” is Maasai for ‘yellow fever’, given for the number of yellow acacia trees in the area.
  • The ideal spot for time to think, a stop on the honeymoon, or somewhere right in between the two…
  • The entire structure is covered in vines and flowers, often a stop-in for monkeys.
  • Three bedrooms (on the entire lot) together with a patio, living room, salon, and office are flanked by a backyard shared with zebra, water buffalo, a hippo named “Mr. Churchill”, and various other wildlife.
  • Enjoy breakfast out on the lawn with meats, delicious cereals, and fresh mango juice.
  • Yellow acacia dominate much of the area surrounding the house – so beware of leopards.
  • Take a day trek to Mount Longonot, a large but extinct volcano.


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