The Manhattan

The Manhattan is a beautiful, bold American and Italian love affair.  Said to have originated in the Manhattan Club over a century ago in New York City, the drink has stood the test of time in the glasses of many fine ladies and distinguished gentlemen.  Though modern Manhattans are made with various whiskies and bourbons, the appropriate ingredient is certainly rye.

Classic Manhattan:


Combine ingredients into a shaker of ice and stir until perfectly cold.  Pour into a cold martini glass and add your cherry.

Alternatively, you can most certainly pour all ingredients into a low-ball glass on the rocks and enjoy over a game of cards.


A “perfect” Manhattan, indecisive on whether the rosso vermouth will do on its own, might invite 1/2 a part dry vermouth to 1/2 part sweet.  Then be sure to use a lemon twist rather than the cherry.

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