What spirit other than rum better fits a hot summer day. The smooth taste and hints of the sweet ingredients like vanilla or grapes, combined with tropical fruit flavors like coconut or citrus fruits associate rum with a Caribbean lifestyle that no other spirit can compete with. Rum comes in various characteristics, with light rum being the most popular. As a rule of thumb, light rum is used for cocktails, while dark, aged, and spiced rum is more considered a sipping drink on its own, to be enjoyed on the rocks or straight up. Our selection of rum offers a great variety and should not be missing in any home bar.

About Rum:

  • Rum is either made from sugarcane (high quality), or molasses, a by-product of processing sugar cane into sugar.
  • Cachaça, also known as Brazilian rum, is made of fermented sugarcane juice. While most rum is  made from molasses, cachaça is only made from fresh sugarcane, which is considered the main differentatior. Caipirinha, Brazil’s most prominent cocktail, is therefore not made with rum, but with cachaça.
  • While today most of the brands are produced around the Caribbean and in Latin America, the origins of rum seem to go back to China and India, and spread over the World with explorers and colonization.

Cocktails made with rum: Mojito, Mai Tai, Planter’s Punch, Daiquiri, Piña Colada (please try not to be seen with one of them… Unless you’re a girl)


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