Honestly, drinking bad vodka is like an STD: first of all it is absolutely avoidable and usually the result of laziness and missing information. But still: don’t do it! Of all the spirits out there, vodka offers the most variety in both quality and taste – differences that you will feel and taste as soon as you take it up a notch. Our small selection of vodka offers great options without going into price ranges above $100.00 per bottle. But still: after tasting those products, your standard Stoli or Absolut will feel like mouth wash to you. Enjoy!

About Vodka:

  • Traditionally, vodka was produced and consumed in the vodka belt of Eastern Europe and Baltic area. Today, vodka leads the list of spirits consumed in the US.
  • Vodka can be distilled from any starchy or sugary plant, such as grain, potatoes, or simply sugar and yeast. Usually, the grain vodkas are considered superior, especially the ones distilled from rye or wheat.
  • Besides the ingredients, distillation accounts for great differences in quality. High quality vodkas are usually distilled more often before bottled and offer a purer taste and cleaner aftertaste. A good vodka is usually distilled at least three times.

Cocktails made with vodka: Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan (please: that’s for the ladies ONLY), White Russian, Moscow Mule

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