Created in Firenze, Italia, this lovely medicine is the perfect aperitivo before your meal arrives.  It was born as a successor to the Americano (1 part bitters, 1 part sweet vermout, 1 part soda with a lemon twist) when Count Negroni wanted a stiffer version.  Rather than the soda, he prescribed himself a substitution of gin, and an orange replaced the lemon.  Altogether, it makes the perfect 5 o’clock sipper.

Classic Negroni:


There are typically two ways: 1) Pour all three ingredients over a low ball glass of rocks, or rather 2) stir in a shaker and pour cold into a cocktail glass, both topped with your orange.  The former is more practical, seeing as you’ll find yourself making another fairly quickly.

Ecco – alla vostra salute.  Enjoy your glass, and do give a tip of the hat to Count Negroni while you’re at it.

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